We play at private events, but our public events are announced on our Facebook page.

Foto: Bettina Fyen-Andersen
Foto: Bettina Fyen-Andersen

The very first performance using the name TIN ROOF JAZZBAND took place in Copenhagen, Denmark 24th January 1985, featuring Bjorn Vollbrecht and 5 other Danish Jazz Musicians.

Since then, we have entertained thousands of happy people, in Denmark and abroad, at top class hotels, in private homes, onboard ferries, in small humble pubs, even on top of the Round Tower of Copenhagen!

We have performed live on Danish Radio, and we have had several exclusive television shows in Denmark.

So far, we have toured Asia (Thailand, Malaysia, and Singapore) 5 times, and one more tour to this wonderful part of the World is currently in the planning stage.

These tours are arranged in co-operation with the Royal Danish Embassies in Bangkok and Singapore, and we are of course happy to be selected.


Today, TIN ROOF JAZZBAND is a professional six piece band:

Bjorn Vollbrecht, trumpet & vocal
Lars Grangaard, clarinet
George Forbat, piano & vocal
Ole Olsen, double bass
Jan Schiöpffe, drums


Our music is not modern or academic – it is Happy Jazz – we make the audience smile and move their feet!

In addition to the Traditional – Classical – Jazz Repertoire, we also feature some melodies from old Danish and Swedish folk tradition – the jazz way!

We have our own arrangements of many of the Classical Jazz tunes.

We have our own jazz arrangement1 of Happy Birthday, of course.

Sometimes we perform with a different, “unplugged”, team, featuring tuba and banjo instead of double bass and piano – for example on board boats or at picnics.

Foto: Bettina Fyen-Andersen
Foto: Bettina Fyen-Andersen

There are big events and smaller events, big budgets and tight budgets.

We deliver good professional entertainment, for jazz afficionados and for people who “just” want happy music.

Of course we prefer to be paid fairly as we deliver high quality, but our aim is to find an economic arrangement that satisfies both parties, us and the people who pay.

Please listen to some tunes recorded live, by clicking Want to listen?.
These are live recordings, no editing, this is precisely what we sound like in real life.

So – please do not hesitate to contact us – no matter how big or small the event may be…




Foto: Bettina Fyen-Andersen
Foto: Bettina Fyen-Andersen